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Check Your Assumptions

As I was scrolling down my Facebook feed recently, a particular post caught my attention. It was a request for help posted to a group. And while I don't know the poster personally, I recognized the predicament they're in.

I feel like I hear the same exact story at least 3 times a week from different people.

Okay, sometimes it's ME telling the story.

Anyway, here's how it goes: "I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. I <insert complaint here -- I hate my job; I'm sick of being broke; wish I was in a relationship, etc.>... but I can't BECAUSE <insert obstacle here>."

And the obstacles are always seemingly insurmountable. Big, hairy, impossible, unavoidable obstacles that completely block the way, like...

...I can't quit my job because most jobs in my field are entry level, and I wouldn't make enough to cover my bills.
...I can't raise my prices because somebody just told me last week they can't afford my prices as they are.
...I can't start my own business because you have to have a blog and I'm just not good at writing.

etc., etc., etc.

Every direction is blocked by an obstacle. You're trapped with no possible hope of escape.

But what if the obstacles only SEEM insurmountable because you *assume* that they are?

What if you started questioning these assumptions that look like obstacles?

  • Is it really true that there are only entry level jobs, or that you would have to take a job below your level, or even if you did take a lower level job, that there would be no way to cover your bills?
  • Is it really true that if one person thinks your prices are already high, it means your prices ARE high, or that other people agree, or that you can't raise them higher?
  • Is it really true that every business owner has a blog, or that you can't have a business if you suck at writing? Is it even really true that you suck at writing to begin with?

An assumption is just an assumption; it's not necessarily true. But so long as you believe it, your assumptions might as well be true. And that's what's really keeping you stuck.

It's sort of like sitting in a prison cell and assuming that the door is locked.

Meanwhile, the key is in your pocket.

What if it's unchallenged assumptions that are keeping you stuck; and being stuck provides you with excuses and reasons NOT to do what you WOULD be doing if you weren't sitting there, stuck?

Check your assumptions.

Don't give up so quickly! Push the door to see if it doesn't just swing open on it's rusty hinges.

And feel free to borrow my new favorite acronym: FEAR = Finding Excuses And Reasons.

(c)Kathy Mallary | SpiritSpring Coaching | All Rights Reserved.

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