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Signature Coaching Design
Signature Coaching Design

10 Reasons to Develop a Coaching Signature

More than just your branding or background, your coaching signature is a strategy for standing out and getting extraordinary results. Here's why you need to get started with your signature today. Read more...

Practice Building for Coaches
Practice Building for Coaches

10 Coachable Goals (...Plus 3 That Are Not!)

Nailing a coachable goal is a win for both you and your client. Read more...

When A Client Says They Can't Afford It

You don’t have to cringe when a prospect says “I can’t afford it” and you don’t have to try and persuade them to change their mind about it, either. Read more...

Why Dull, Repetitive Marketing Works

Marketing a coaching practice doesn't need to be elevated to an art form. It works just fine even when it's a little dull and repetitive. Read more... 

Success Mindset
Success Mindset

Waiting for the Light to Change

Is there a particular spot on your life path where you’re stuck at a red light? Don't just sit there waiting for the light to turn green. Read more... 


Check Your Assumptions

What to do when you're feeling trapped. (It may just all be in your head!) Read more... 


Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks

How to Get Powerful Testimonials

With a little bit of pro-active planning, you can have consistently powerful testimonials from each client you work with, and more new clients lining up at the door. Read more... 

3 Ways to Get Clients When You Don't Have a Signature Method (Yet)

Signature coaching programs and products are terrific revenue generators. But what if you're a new coach just getting started, or an established coach who's still figuring out your signature method? Read more...