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10 Coachable Goals

Being able to spot  a coachable goal is key. If you miss the goal, you'll lose your client's trust. Or you might waste time coaching when your client actually needs counseling or therapy.

A coachable goal is one that a customer is ready and motivated to do now. It just feels like it's beyond his/her current level of experience or ability.

10 Coachable Goals…

This is what most clients basically want:

  • Money
  • Time off
  • Pleasure/quality of life
  • Connection
  • Stimulation
  • Skills and abilities
  • Entertainment and fun
  • To feel better about themselves
  • Growth and health
  • To get ahead in their career, business and life

…Plus 3 that are NOT

These goals are beyond the scope of coaching:

  • Changing the behavior or thinking of a third party (other than the client).
  • Overcoming compulsive or addictive behavior.  Therapy or counseling would be more effective than coaching.
  • Healing painful memories.  Again, therapy or counseling might be more appropriate.

Tips for spotting & working with coachable goals

  • The client should be willing to do the work. You're facilitating the process, not doing it for her.
  • The goal should be challenging, but achievable..
  • The urgency level should be high. The client is thinking “I have to figure this out NOW.”
  • Look for a pattern of coachable goals in your coaching notes. See if you can pick out a theme to build your marketing materials and products around.
  • Focus on clients with similar coachable goals. It's easier to design a signature coaching program when there's a unifying theme.

Nailing a coachable goal is a win for you and your client. Spot coachable goals early and leave the non-coachable issues alone.

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