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While all specific numbers given for an individual's earnings are correct to the best of our knowledge, these should be considered atypical and by no means should be considered a guarantee that you will earn similar amounts or that these amounts represent average earnings of customers. We offer no guarantee that past performance will be an indicator of future success.

In the real world, there are no guarantees. We cannot offer any guarantee whatsoever that you will make any money at all with your business venture as every business is different, every market is different, and every business person's resources, skills and opportunities are different. While our products may enhance your earnings, we cannot guarantee you will not lose money while working to build your business with these strategies. Every business carries inherent risk of loss.

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By purchasing and/or downloading products from SpiritSpring Coaching, you accept that all online business models have the risk of significant and real monetary losses, and are not necessarily suitable for all individuals. As in any business purchase, only money that you can afford to lose should be used to purchase business training products, as there is no guarantee that you will make money or avoid serious losses.

Every product, service and offering from SpiritSpring Coaching should be considered for educational and informational use only, and should not be relied on to guide your business to profitability. By downloading products from SpiritSpring Coaching, you agree to check with your trusted financial, legal, accounting and other professional advisers before taking action on any information in our websites, newsletters, consulting or information products.

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