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When it comes to working with more clients and better cash flow, you need a guide who knows how to tap into genius and who understands what's at stake. 

Kathy Mallary is a certified professional coach with a reputation for being a game-changer. With more than 17 years of experience in business and personal coaching, coaching skills training and coaching process design, she's a masterful facilitator who brings a unique combination of savvy expertise, keen insights, fresh perspectives, and state-of-the-art solutions.

Since founding SpiritSpring Coaching in 2004, Kathy has been using simple, sustainable marketing strategies to develop meaningful client relationships and connect with a worldwide network of self-employed coaching professionals, while serving an international clientele that includes business, executive and personal coaches. SpiritSpring Coaching  breaks down internal barriers to change and growth through deep personal coaching, business mentoring and  professional coaching training.

Prior to working solo, Kathy served as Chief Operating Officer as well as Lead Coach and Trainer at the Academy for Coach Training, where she developed and taught accredited coaching skills programs for professional certification for seven years. She received  coaching certification training through the Living Your Vision(TM) program, The Coaches Training Institute, Newfield Network and Coach U.

While Seattle, Washington is her home town, Kathy has traveled and lived in many places around the world and in the US, from the frozen far north of Alaska to the tropics of South America. Her travels provided a wonderful education in cultural diversity and helped her become more adventurous, open-minded and resilient as an adult. She's a single parent with an awesome son, Taylor, who recently graduated from the University of Washington, and a dog, Maxine, who wakes up every day with her tail wagging.


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If you’re interested in interviewing me about signature coaching topics for your blog, podcast, telesummit, webinar, etc., I'd love to hear from you. Please use the form on this page to send me the details and if it feels like a good fit, I'll contact you to discuss moving forward.

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Kathy Mallary

Kathy Mallary
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