I'm a certified professional coach with a passion for personal growth, facilitation and teaching. I have more than 17 years of experience in business and personal coaching, coaching skills training and coaching process design. I've developed and taught coaching skills programs for professional certification.

Since founding SpiritSpring Coaching in 2004, I've been using simple, sustainable marketing strategies to develop meaningful client relationships and connect with a worldwide network of self-employed coaching professionals, while serving an international clientele that includes business, executive and personal coaches. SpiritSpring Coaching  breaks down internal barriers to change and growth through deep personal coaching, business mentoring and  professional coaching training.

Seattle, Washington is my home town, although I grew up in Alaska, Venezuela, Norway and Texas (my dad's job took us all over the world). My early years gave me a wonderful education in cultural diversity and helped me become more adventurous, open-minded and resilient as an adult. I'm a single parent with an awesome son, Taylor, who's attending the University of Washington, and a dog, Maxine, who wakes up every day with her tail wagging.

The system works 
Greg Dickson

Your process is different than anything I've ever seen and made sense for me and my business. You were the first coach I have had the opportunity to work with that understands business models, coaching, and the challenges of building a business out of a coaching practice.

Your products and coaching are excellent. Your process, tools, and modules progressively build on one another. The system works. -Greg Dickson


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Kathy Mallary is a signature strategist, coach and mentor for solo-professional coaches. Her clients are business, executive and life coaches. Many are coaching practitioners looking to streamline or expand their business, while others are just getting started working solo.


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